Manufactured Housing

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Architect Sarah Susanka described manufactured or prefab housing. Manufactured housing is built in a controlled environment by craftspeople. A manufactured home may be of higher quality than a home built on site. Play video


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What is an easement? An easement allows a second party, such as a neighbor or utility company, access to your property. An easement is limited to a small part of a property usually and it stipulates the property's condition after the second party accesses the property. You can find out your property's easements by looking at the survey completed with your title insurance. Learn about easements here.   Play video


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What is a lien? A lien is the right to hold or sell a property to pay a claim against your property. Types of liens include mortgages and second party liens like mechanics' liens. In a mortgage lien your home is the collateral. Learn about the different kinds of liens and why they are issued. Play video

Real Estate Taxes

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Learn about real estate taxes. Who's responsible for real estate taxes? What happens if a seller hasn't paid real estate taxes? How do counties get real estate taxes paid when the owner can't pay real estate taxes? How much are real estate taxes? Chicago Title's Gina Giannelli tells you all about real estate and property taxes.   Play video

What's a Co-Op?

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Another home buying option is purchasing a co-op. Buying a co-op is actually buying shares into a corporation that owns the building. Co-op boards control who can buy a home in their buildings. Play video