Renovate Or Start With New Construction?

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How should you make the decision to renovate or gut rehab your existing home, or if you should tear down your home and start from scratch with new construction? Good builders can make a renovation just as good, if not better, than new construction. The price of completely renovating versus new construction will be about the same, as well. To make the decision to tear down or renovate, you need to think about what kind of benefits, like size or amenities, you will get from both options.  Play video

What Needs To Be Included In A Contractor's Bid?

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Before starting any sort of major home renovation or remodeling project, you will want to get bids from contractors and compare price estimates. A bid from a contractor should not be a single number estimate. You will want to see a detailed, multi-page report with a line item for everything that will go into your home remodeling project. With a detailed line item report, you will be able to better estimate your costs and plan for changes later in the renovation project. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips Video for more help with how to prepare for a home remodeling project.  Play video

Planning A Renovation For Your Lifestyle

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Unless you're only renovating your home with selling the house in mind, try to think of your lifestyle and how you will use the house as you plan the home renovation project. Think of how much storage you will need, what size bathrooms do you want, do you need more wiring for extra outlets or home automation? Think of your lifestyle and plan the home design accordingly so you will be happy with the home renovation or remodeling for years to come. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips video for more advice on how to plan for a home renovation project.  Play video

Planning Renovation During A Tough Economy

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You may look at your personal finances and the bad economy around you and think that now is not the time to be putting money into a home renovation. Advice from a professional builder says now may be the perfect time to get the most for your money. With the real estate industry and the construction industry down, everyone is looking for work. If you have the cash, or can get credit, you may be able to get a great price on a remodeling project and raise your property value. The subcontractors and builders might be more willing to strike a deal with you on your home renovation or remodeling project.  Play video

Home Renovation Video Series

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Ilyce Glink from and shares advice, tips, and how to help in this video series dedicated to home renovation and remodeling. With help from contractors, construction professionals and experts, Ilyce brings you the best advice in the industry. If you're thinking about new construction, or renovating your existing home, this 30-video series will cover every topic to get you prepped to break ground and start your construction project. Watch this home renovation series from Expert Real Estate Tips to get more advice, explanations and tips to keep your rehab or new construction on track.  Play video