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Staging Bathrooms and Bedrooms

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By ExpertRealEstateTips
Feb 5, 2008 - 12:45:38 AM

I’m Ilyce Glink with

Next to the kitchen, home buyers are focused on bathrooms. Making some minor changes to your bathrooms, like upgrading your furnishings, can help you to sell your home. And coordinating those changes with your bedroom can make all the difference.

Here’s the good news — you don’t have to spend a lot for these changes to have a big impact.

I’ve got a few tips for you on how you can make your bedrooms and your bathrooms work better for your future buyer.

Let’s start in the bathroom. Because the room is small, staging a bathroom doesn’t have to involve a lot of work.

Getting the feel right can be as simple as buying decorative soaps and putting them in clean, attractive soap dishes. You can put out a matching set of towels and have some lovely hand-towels for people to use to wash their hands.

You might want to coordinate the shower curtain with a matching bath rug to give your room an overall “put together” look. Just make sure that the rugs and towels you use are clean and dry.

Don’t leave any dirty clothes or laundry in the bathroom, and if something smells, be sure to toss it in the laundry room or in a deodorized laundry hamper.

Now, let’s take a look at your bedroom. Plumping up a room with a new bedspread, comforter, throw blanket, pillows and shams can give your bedrooms a clean, updated look.

Matching lampshades give the room symmetry, even if the lamp bases don’t match. A small area rug can add color to your bedroom, even if it’s on top of a regular rug.

Or try putting on a fresh coat of paint for a splash of color.

Staging your home doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Adding small touches to your bedrooms and bathrooms can make a big difference, and help you sell your home faster and for more money in any market.

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