Will a buyer's agent try to get the best price?

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Home buyers wonder if their buyers' agent will try to get them the best price? They're concerned that since the buyer's agent gets a piece of the commission, they may not negotiate a tough deal. Play video

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

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Don't be afraid to ask real estate agents questions before you hire them. Which real estate companies have they worked for and for how long? Do they hold an agent's license or broker's license? What is their specialty and can they provide references? How do they market real estate on the Internet? What real estate have they sold? This Expert Real Estate Tips segment tells you what questions to ask your real estate agent.   Play video

Your Real Estate Agent May Know You Best

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Real estate agents sometimes have a sixth sense for what a buyer wants. Is space, price range or style most important? How does a good agent discover what her client needs and wants? View this Expert Real Estate Tips segment for insight into how real estate agents figure out what their clients really want to buy and to learn why exposure to properties is key in finding out what you want in a property.  Play video

Real Estate Market Conditions in 2008

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What's the real estate market like at the moment? Agents from Southern California describe the real estate market. Because the 2008 real estate market is flooded with inventory, it's a buyer's market. Current real estate market conditions make financing a challenge. View this segment to learn more about the real estate market conditions from Expert Real Estate Tips.  Play video

Buying a Home with a Broker or Agent

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Once you have decided to buy a home, you may decide you want to work with a broker or an agent. Brokers and agents provide a variety of services to home buyers. These include education, legwork and guidance. Play video