What is a HUD-1 Form?

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What is a HUD-1 Form in real estate? The HUD-1 Form is a record of all money spent during the purchase of a home. Appraisals and other services are listed on the HUD-1 Form and many are tax deductible items. Learn more about HUD-1 Forms from this Expert Real Estate Tips segment.  Play video

Down Payment Information

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How much down payment is required to buy a home today and how does location and house price affect your down payment requirements? Learn what percent of the house price you will need as down payment when buying your new home in this Expert Real Estate Tips segment on down payments.  Play video

Buyer Broker Agreement

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What is a buyer broker agreement? Some real estate agents require buyers to sign a buyer broker agreement to ensure the real estate agent's commission and formalize the buyer/agent commitment. The buyer broker agreement guarantees the real estate agent's compensation for the real estate purchase even if the buyer uses another real estate agent. Should you sign a buyer's broker agreement and how can you cancel a buyer broker agreement? Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips segment to learn more about buyer broker agreements.  Play video

What's a comparative market analysis (CMA)?

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When you're buying or selling a home, you want to get a comparative market analysis so you know the property value. In a comparative market analysis real estate agents compare the value of your property with that of similar properties. CMAs are used to determine at what price to list a property for sale.  Play video

Will a buyer's agent try to get the best price?

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Home buyers wonder if their buyers' agent will try to get them the best price? They're concerned that since the buyer's agent gets a piece of the commission, they may not negotiate a tough deal. Play video