Finishing The Project With The "Punch List"

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When you're stuck in the middle of a home renovation, gut rehab, or construction project, it may feel like the work will never end. But at a point called "substantial completion," you will go through the home room by room with the contractor and put together a punch list. A punch list is a list of all the remaining work left to be done. Once the punch work list is complete, that's "final completetion" of the the construction project, and it's time to enjoy all your hard work. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips video for more help with your home renovation projects.  Play video

Hiring A Handyman To Help Sell Your House

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You hire a lawyer to help with contracts, a mortgage broker to help with the loan, movers to help with the furniture, and a real estate agent to help sell the house. Why would you need a handyman? Hiring a handyman can help you sell your house faster and maybe for more money if you put a little effort into updating light fixtures, hardwares and tackling home repair projects like a leaky faucet. You've got enough on your plate trying to sell the house, let a handyman take over the jobs around the house. Watch the Expert Real Estate Tips video for more ideas on what a handyman can do for you.  Play video

Home Renovation: Demolition Phase

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The demolition phase is usually the fastest (and the most fun) part of a construction project. With demolition, you may want to retain some aspects of the old home, but you are mostly concerned with tearing everything out. In a construction project, demolition goes by very quickly, then the real work of home renovation or rehab starts. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips video and the others in our home renovation series for more construction advice.  Play video

Step-By-Step: How To Remove Light Fixtures

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A paint job can quickly get messy if you're not careful. Handyman Andy Sjostrom recommends removing light fixtures and hardware before painting. This way you don't have to tape around light fixtures or worry about cutting in, and you don't have to bother with cleaning up spilled paint. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips video for step-by-step DIY instructions on how to remove a light fixture. However, if you're not comfortable with wiring, always hire a handyman or electrician.  Play video

Updating Light Fixtures And Hardware

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Updating light fixtures and hardware is a quick and easy fix to give your house a drastic face lift before placing it on the market. By installing more modern light fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom or bedroom, you update the entire room, with minimal effort. Depending on the complexity of the new light fixture, the job should probably only take about an hour. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips video for more tips from our handyman about installing new light fixtures.   Play video