Identity Theft and Credit History Damage

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Identity theft can happen when your personal information is stolen to open up new lines of credit. Identity thieves commonly use your name, address, social security number and mother's maiden name to create fake identities. Eventually, you will be held responsible for these accounts that you didn't know existed. The long-term damage to your credit history from identity theft can be more damaging than the short-term effects. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips video on Identity Theft for more information on how to protect yourself from identity theft.   Play video

Child Identity Theft

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Has your child's identity been stolen? While identity theft is often committed by strangers, sometimes parents and other relatives steal the financial identities of children to get access to more credit. Play video


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Identity theft is difficult and time-consuming to fix. If you don't protect your identity, it's easy to get scammed. "Phishing is a type of identity theft that comes in your email. Play video

Medical Identity Theft

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Medical identity theft happens when someone starts filing medical bills in your name and collecting the payments. It's identity theft on steriods, but there are ways to fight it. Play video

Magazine Scams Abound

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Magazine scams are not what you'd consider traditional identity theft. In a magazine scam you pay for a subscription, but the publisher keeps sending you renewal notices. To avert a magazine scam, pay careful attention to who is selling you the subscription. Play video