Green Home Design

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Green home design used to be popular because of tax credits. Green home design includes energy efficiency and designing for your climate. Green home design is sustainable and can be a reflection of the self. Learn more about green home design from author and architect Sarah Susanka.  Play video

Sustainable Architecture

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Architect Sarah Susanka describes sustainable architecture. To achieve sustainable architecture people should live their values including following their passions and choosing sustainability. Play video

Whirlpool Energy Star Refrigerator

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Whirlpool's Central Park refrigerator received an Energy Star rating. The Whirlpool Energy Star refrigerator lets you charge your iPod, watch digital pictures and more with attachments. Watch our video on this Whirlpool Energy Star refrigerator. A Whirlpool Energy Star refrigerator uses less energy than other refrigerators. Play video

Vectrix Electric Scooter

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Want to save gas? Look at the Vectrix Electric Scooter. You can plug in this electric bike using an extension cord. The Vectrix Electric Scooter has zero emissions which is good for the environment. Learn about the Vectrix Electric Scooter here. Play video

Panasonic Phones Go Green

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Panasonic's Bill Taylor talks about making Panasonic phones go green including an Energy Star rating. Panasonic phones going green means they come in less packaging and so there's less packaging for recycling. Learn what it means for Panasonic phones to go green. Play video