Title Insurance and Deeds

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Learn what a property deed is and why it's important to have title insurance. A deed is a document of conveyance. A deed combined with title insurance guarantees your home ownership. Learn about deeds and title insurance. Play video


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What is a lien? A lien is the right to hold or sell a property to pay a claim against your property. Types of liens include mortgages and second party liens like mechanics' liens. In a mortgage lien your home is the collateral. Learn about the different kinds of liens and why they are issued. Play video

What is a Title Commitment?

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What is a title commitment? The title commitment is the promise the title company makes to provide title insurance. The title insurance protects you if anyone makes a claim against your property. The title commitment is used in conjunction with a survey that illustrates the property. Play video

No Title Insurance? What Could Happen?

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What could happen without title insurance? Chicago Title's Gina Giannelli describes bad situations that happened when the property owners did not have title insurance. Buying title insurance protects you and your property. Play video

Cost of Title Insurance

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The cost of title insurance varies depending on where you are buying property. Some states regulate the cost of title insurance. Other states allow for title insurance price competition. Chicago Title's Gina Giannelli explains the cost of title insurance. Play video