How To Keep Your Identity and Credit History Safe

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Who is responsible for protecting your identity and credit history? Only you are responsible for making sure your personal information is safe. The best way to protect your credit is to check your credit regularly through If you discover any errors or mistakes, report the errors immediately so the banks and credit reporting bureaus can help resolve your credit disputes. If you do want to hire a credit monitoring service, make sure you use a service that will help prevent fraud, protect your personal information, and resolve any disputes.   Play video

Identity Theft and Credit History Damage

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Identity theft can happen when your personal information is stolen to open up new lines of credit. Identity thieves commonly use your name, address, social security number and mother's maiden name to create fake identities. Eventually, you will be held responsible for these accounts that you didn't know existed. The long-term damage to your credit history from identity theft can be more damaging than the short-term effects. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips video on Identity Theft for more information on how to protect yourself from identity theft.   Play video

What is a Stated Income Loan?

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What is a stated income loan or no doc loan? Mortgage lenders require a property appraisal and good credit score among other items to qualify for a stated income loan. What are the benefits and who can qualify for this type of loan? Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips segment to learn more about what mortgage lenders require for a stated income loan.  Play video

How Credit Scores Impact Mortgage Applications

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How do credit scores impact mortgage applications? Credit scores measure debt and your ability to pay back loans Especially today, your credit score will determine your mortgage and interest rate. What credit score should you have and how can you improve your credit score and get the best interest rate for your mortgage? Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips segment for information on credit scores, mortgage applications, and how to improve your credit score and credit history. Play video