Hot Housewares Trend: Bright Colors in Appliances

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Whats the latest trend in Housewares? Bright colors in dinnerware and appliances (like washing machines, dryers, irons, toasters and mixers)! Bright colors like cranberry red, and new colors like pear green or eggplant purple, are what's hot and new in dinnerware, appliances and housewares. Watch this Expert Real Estate Tips segment to learn how to make your home more beautiful with bright colors in appliances and dinnerware.   Play video

Green Home Design

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Green home design used to be popular because of tax credits. Green home design includes energy efficiency and designing for your climate. Green home design is sustainable and can be a reflection of the self. Learn more about green home design from author and architect Sarah Susanka.  Play video

Home Design Process

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How long does the home design process take? Architect Sarah Susanka describes the home design process and how long it can take. Susanka says not to rush the home design process to meet a deadline.  Play video

Sarah Susanka: Home and Garden

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When you're designing your home you should design the garden at the same time. Architect Sarah Susanka talks about the interplay between home and garden. Often people consider home and garden separately but they should be treated as one unit.  Play video

What Are Architects Doing Right?

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Architects may have felt undervalued in the past. Architect Sarah Susanka describes how that's changing. Many of today's architects have a new sense of purpose. Architects now design better homes with lighting and space considerations.  Play video