Can I Lower My Real Estate Taxes?

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Is your real estate tax bill too high? If your property has declined in value, you may be able to lower your real estate tax bill. This Expert Real Estate Tips video shows you how.   Play video

1031 Exchange: What is Cost Basis?

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Learn how cost basis is calculated for a 1031 tax exchange. 1031 exchange expert Julianna A. Clementi-Ryan explains what's involved in determining cost basis.  Play video

What to Ask a 1031 Exchange Company

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When you want to do a 1031 tax exchange you have to find a qualified intermediary, an impartial third party who will hold your funds. But how can you find a trustworthy 1031 exchange company? Ask them how long they've been in business, what insurance they have, what experience the staff has, where your 1031 funds will be held and what to do if the 1031 company goes bankrupt. Don't just rely on recommendations to find a 1031 exchange company.  Play video

1031 Tax Exchange Timing

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Depending on when you do your 1031 tax exchange you may be able to claim a failed or partially failed 1031 exchange on your taxes. Learn how the timing of a 1031 exchange affects tax straddling. Be sure to discuss the timing of your 1031 tax exchange with your CPA or tax attorney.  Play video

1031 Exchange: What Is Boot?

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In the 1031 exchange industry, boot is another word for tax. If you exchange property and your new property has a lower value than what you sold you incur boot. To avoid boot you need to buy new property for the entire amount of the property you sold. Learn more about a 1031 tax exchange and boot.  Play video